Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Post for Audrey

This Post is long overdue but I have been composing it in my mind for many days. Audrey turned 6 on July 3rd and I have always planned on writing something for my daughters every year. Looking back through my blog I am hoping this will turn into an "electronic journal" of our years and our family journey.

My Sweet Audrey,

What can I say except that I am so incredibly proud of you? The transformation from my little preschool girl into a six-year old has been amazing! The challenges you have faced in this last year have hardly phased you. You are eager to make new friends and experience new things. Sometimes you feel afraid at first but then you just amaze me how you make the most out of the situation.

We all know that you are turning into a little "diva"!! You love to dress up and enjoy being "hi-fashion" at all times. You even offer words of encouragement for people around you who might not be experiencing "hi-fashion" moments. It is great to shop with you and get your opinion :)

Oh - The drama. If you aren't dancing, then your singing, and if you aren't singing, then you sleeping. You love to act and perform and are so good at getting into the role. Here you are performing "It's a Hard Knock Life" at Shine Music Camp. You never broke out of character and I was almost afraid you were going to join an orphanage!! (Middle girl with mis-matched socks) My wish is that your 6th year of life is so full of joy. That you go to sleep every night with a smile on your face and great anticipation for what the world has in store for you in the morning. Don't ever stop singing and dancing!
I Love You ~ Mom

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