Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Before the next round

Just as quickly as I post pictures of our last visitors we are gearing up for the next set. How cool is it that everyone will come and visit us at our new place? So here is the last week in super fast blog mode...

Audrey's Dance Recital - Performed Tap and Ballet Routine and loved every minute of it!

Dinner with Grammy and Grandpa after Recital
Space needle Trip

Day at Deception Pass State Park. Someone constructed a see-saw out of driftwood and we borrowed it for a little ride.

After all of that we have rolled into yet another week. Audrey is at Music Camp through our church and on Friday we are invited to watch her performance. I don't know how that girl remembers all the moves but I have to give it to her, she knows her stuff! Must take after a certain Grandma with the voice and all :) (They say those things skip generations...)
Birthday party for our almost 6 year old tomorrow. When will it end? Hope it never does :)

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