Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Absence makes the heart grow founder!

So apparently a little bit of life has been happening since I last posted in OCTOBER!  

I could just call it quits and shutter this whole blog thing...
because, let's face it, my kids aren't small beans anymore.

*Circa 2012*

They take SELFIES on phones before they will ever pose for me. They do their own hair and pick out outfits.  They don't need to be reminded to brush their teeth (usually).  We can have some pretty cool conversations.  They are interested in things and they are interesting

Everyday isn't really exciting but I feel a culmination of sorts.  I don't think I should stop writing because what is happening now might be some of the most precious moments of all.  Those moments where it all starts to come together.  The pushing and pulling, compromising, learning, exploring, laughing and forgiving. 

My daughters are taking shape into the women they are meant to be.  
Certainly that is worthy of continuing.  
I must blog on...

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