Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Day at the Museum

My favorite kind of outing is usually spontaneous and adventurous. A random call from Grandma for a trip to the Phoenix Children's Museum fit the bill perfectly!

There hasn't been a Children's Museum I have been too that hasn't just awed me. The Phoenix Museum did not disappoint! Check out this structure. The girls explored the whole thing and had a blast. We left this area thinking it couldn't get any better...
Then we found the "Fort Room". Audrey and Carissa were hiding from me. If it wasn't for one little clue I might have just given up looking for them.
On to the Noodle Forest. This might have been their favorite part. A room full of hanging noodles. I went through it and felt like Nemo's Dad swimming through the jellyfish.
Very Cool!
Thanks Grandma for such a great afternoon!

Posed picture credited to bribe of ice cream only if everyone smiled. *Works every time*

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