Thursday, February 17, 2011

Chocolate = Love

As I am writing this I am licking the melted chocolate on my finger. I know, disgusting. What is wrong with me? Every since Monday when our home had a Valentine's Chocolate invasion by way of my sweet husband and the Girl Scout delivering 7 boxes (yikes- what was I thinking?) of cookies, I have been scooping up anything brown and putting it in my mouth.
It is justified, I think, because it was gift. A gift of love. Chocolate just IS love. And I think it might be true... it can be better then... any who...

Speaking of love. Remember when Justin made the bunk bed for Audrey's doll? Well it wouldn't fit in our Pod when we moved back to AZ so Daddy and I have been living with large amounts of guilt. Now that guilt has been set free because we have made two more beds. Ahhh...
And not just beds. Beds with an attached desk.
Guess who had the most fun? (Once a girl, always a girl!)

We have been taking advantage of the great weather. Basking in the sun and just being together. It feels good (and it's even better with a Thin Mint ;)

Oh and I have been meaning to write the latest. Carissa told me she is not afraid of anything. Not even the common house cat.
Now that is a relief!

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lovemygirls said...

Bring her on over to Freckles to test that theory!