Friday, February 4, 2011

Sweater Pillows

This was Tuesday. I had the privilege of being a chaperon for the 2nd Grade class trip to see "Go Dog Go" the musical at the Tempe Center for the Arts. Have you read the book? If you have it, go and get it and read it to your child tonight. But don't just read it... really read it. (Feel free to sing part of it.) Now imagine that book in an 82 minute performance...
Yup - you get the picture. So, Tuesday was sunny and I could barely get Audrey to keep her sweatshirt on. Now it is Friday and we will be lucky to see 50 degrees today. I am not complaining. Except for one tiny detail that I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!!

I tried on all 3 sweaters I owned and decided I hated them all. So last night I chopped them up and made them into these really cute pillows.
I think they make way better pillows then sweaters. The green one was my least favorite sweater. OH SO TIGHT. OH SO ITCHY. But as a doesn't get better :)
I followed this great tutorial at Make it and Love it. Hmm what can I cut up next?

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Julie said...

Super cute and crafty!