Monday, June 8, 2009

Week of Visitors

This morning I woke up to Monday and I didn't know where to start. The house was rather quite and the everyday tasks that were waiting for me felt too trivial. Just coming off a week of excitement with cousins here has been so wonderful. I didn't want the sound of kids laughing, crying, and whispering to be gone.

When you stop to think about families it is a funny thing. The pushing and pulling of wants and needs of each person. The conversations whether short or long all adding up to some bigger picture, a meaning we will never understand. As a parent you can try to orchestrate these moments but it the unknown events that may shape your childs life forever.

It starts out so wonderfully easy. The trust is there and the love - the amazing unconditional love. The hands that reach out for you and the smile that is always returned.

But then it begins to get more complicated and the family has to change and grow. A smile might not be returned and your efforts as a parent aren't always appreciated. It has occured to me, though, that these are the times when it becomes truly appartent - family is all there is to it.

Time must be sacrificed to share together, long drives need to be taken, and trips planned. Because you never know the friendships that will be built, the dreams that will start to transpire, and the character that will come of spending time with family.

Thank you cousins :)

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