Monday, January 19, 2009

Oh glorious sunshine

Can you see it? It is almost blinding it is so beautiful. Today marked the second straight day of sunshine. Here is what you miss when the sun is not out to play... squinting your eyes, fairy dust particles, rummaging in your purse for sunglasses, your shadow, a concrete beginning and an end to the day.

The girls and I spent the weekend following Daddy around Cabela's in Lacy, WA. They were such troopers we even hit two more sporting goods stores before we came back home. We didn't buy a dang thing but just dreamt of all the fun we would have if our trailer was here.
Daddy really wants to camp and I am pretty sure he wouldn't have to try to hard to convince the girls. It was such an inspiring trip we now have a tent set up in the playroom. (Considering it is still below freezing at night - I wouldn't want to camp anywhere else!)

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