Friday, January 9, 2009

Oh Mr. Sun...

This is exactly what I get for always complaining about the sun in AZ - now I would love to see just one little glimpse of it!! It has been a dark week here and I am learning that I must learn to embrace it. Next year I will be so prepared. I will know that this grayness is approaching and I will gear up with great indoor ideas, planned events to exciting things, reserved spots in new classes and events. But for now I am staring weary-eyed out my window, wondering how 10 am feels just like 2pm?

I do know for certain that there is no perfect place but there can be perfect moments and they can happen anywhere. So, I will end this week with hope for the next that there will be a few perfect moments and with a little luck they will be with me basking in the sun!

All our love~

P.S. For the record, J is not admitting this is that bad and today he even said it was only a "thin layer of clouds". Why do I need sun when he is my ray of light??

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