Friday, November 20, 2009

Comfortable Rhythm

It's Friday and I have been reflecting on our week all morning. Mostly because it was so smooth. It seems like we have finally reached a comfortable rhythm. Homework did not consume our evenings, the girls got along and Carissa is even doing that thing were she kinda does a run-skip instead of a walk.

There is so much uncertainty around our lives; where will we live? where will we work? where where will we go to church? My head starts to spin when I consider it all. I have no plan, no guide, no idea.
But I have a purpose and after thinking this week through I am sure that is what is holding us together. Helen Keller wrote that happiness comes from "fidelty to a worthy purpose". Fidelty meaning a truthful connection to a source. I know I have a truthful connection to a worthy purpose.
And I think we can all agree they are so beautiful :0)

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