Thursday, January 28, 2010

100th POST!!

Today it is official. I have subjected the World Wide Web with exactly 100 blog postings! Not sure if I can claim it was totally for posterity because sometimes I think it treads the line of down right therapy. I enjoy it though. It makes me feel connected to something. Proof of my life. Plus, it is the one thing I kept up with consistently in the last 2 years. (Haven't even done that with flossing...)

Confession: Not only do I like writing my blog to everyone but to no one in particular, I could spend hours reading total strangers blog posts too. Mostly crafty ladies like myself with crazy kids running insane in the background. From these late night readings I come across great moms with awesome ideas that I absorb like a sponge. Here is the latest I took from Amy at The Idea Room.

I wish I could prove to you how easy this was too make. You will have to take my word for it.

They would craft all day if they could. I told them we could go ride bikes. I would take them to the park. "CRAFTS", they said. I couldn't argue...

In honor of my 100th post I will make a table runner for one lucky, randomly picked person who comments on this post from now until February 5th. I am doing this for two reasons:

1 - I like getting free things so I know you do too...

2- I am completely nosy about who is reading about my crazy life.

The table runner you might win will be similar to the size of this runner that I made for my future kitchen table. The one I will have in my future house. That you may one day be invited to see... in the future.
In all seriousness - thanks for following along. I like you here :)


Michelle Beaulieu-Hancock said...

Now I just HAVE to crack me up Liz! Lol your FUTURE HOUSE! As for your 100th post YAY! I absolutely love reading your blog! I have to say from a craft stand point you inspire me and I follow your links like crazy always amazed at what crafty things people can do! From a personal stand point I get lost in your writings, like reading a good novel, kids in the background don't phase me I HAVE to know how the craft or trip turned out haha. I always end with a smile on my face no matter what the story. I love the way you can take something as simple as a trip to the desert finding bullets into this magical fairy tale trip! Now.... I must go... and follow your link for the heart craft and see if this is something I can undertake myself! Hope to see you guys soon! Hugs to the girls!

Lisa Nelson said...

I would love a table runner. :)

And I love your blog!


Kristie said...

We miss you guys so much, but I always look forward to catching up here on your blog. It doesn't require coordinating our schedules to have a phone playdate, minus the kids!! Keep trying to be content where you are, if you pretend long enough, you might actually become content!! Lots of love!!

p.s. Love the heart craft, might have to try that!!!

lovemygirls said...

WELLL...of course, I have to post a comment because I LOVE getting free handmade stuff from you! I am so glad you have kept me busy 100 blogs all read a couple at a time. I hope your future home is somewhere close to me physically even though we will always be close at heart!

Julie said...

I'm here too! I do love your blog and always bet excited to see a new post from you. Arizona is very lucky to have your family, we all miss you.

**Amy** said...

So cute! Do you display it on the lamp? I love how it looks on it! Cute little helpers. Thanks for the link. I know about the craziness in the background all too well.