Sunday, October 5, 2008

Goodnight Moon

After reading "Goodnight Moon" by Charolette Wise Brown for the 100th time to Carissa and Audrey tonight I noticed something only a tired mom would. At the beginning of the book the clocks start out at 7:00pm and as the Bunny progresses in telling everything in the room goodnight the time moves. At the end of the book the "quite old lady wispering hush" finally exits the room at 8:10, a full hour and 10 minutes later! How wise Ms. Brown was even back in 1947. To bad she never did a sequel showing the "quite old lady" returning to the room twenty more times (one more hug, a drink of water, it is too dark, I have to go pee, I can't sleep, can you close my closet door...)

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