Friday, December 19, 2008

Living in Snow

School was closed yet again. Job Site was closed down too. That means mom has restless children and husband to keep busy. We woke up to this on Thursday morning... and the snow never stopped all day.
Meet Sally our snowman. She is constantly smiling and from her view I can see why. She looks straight into our kitchen window getting a front row seat at all of our family drama. Who is going to sit by Mom at dinner? How come winter doesn't have High-Fashion clothes? Why did she get to eat the last candy? Now if only Dear Sally could talk. She could tell me who really pinched who and if we are as nutty as the family to our left. (Actually, I am glad she can't - I wouldn't want to know.)

Today is Friday. It is bright and sunny and only 26 degrees. But we decided to brave the weather and take the girls "sledding". We started getting dressed at 9:45. Convincing the girls it was COLD and they needed pants under their pants. After 4 rounds of different combinations and 1 hour and 20 minutes later we were in the car. We returned home 45 minutes later with possibly one emotionally scarred child. Here is Carissa - pleasant the whole way. What a trooper!
Audrey not pictured. Although I do actually have a picture I thought I would be nice and not post. So the snow, although beautiful, takes some getting used to. It is a wonderful treat on the first "snow day" but as the times goes by the novelty of Hot Chocolate may lose it's power.
Good News - Supposedly we are getting the "sequel" to the snow storm this Saturday. Perhaps Sally will get a friend?
All our love ~


lovemygirls said...

Not gonna lie, glad we're here when we are "cold" at 52 degrees and rain. Today it was only in the upper 60's. We really DO miss you all. Isabelle wanted to know if Audrey got her presents yet? They are coming in grammy's box.

Liz said...

No presents yet - tracking them diligently. Tell Belle Audrey's present to her is waiting for her a Grammy's house.

April Willard said...

Beautiful Snow!!

See you at MOPS next time.