Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween

Today is November 1st and I can honestly say that I am suffering from a Halloween Hangover.  I am so happy that we did so much Halloween..er..ing but I am so glad it is over. 

Of course we carved the pumpkins and played with the squishy insides.

This was our happy Jack O'Lantern results.  I am particulary proud of the ghosts because it was my first ever carved pumpkin!  I might just have to get my own to do next year.
On Halloween I helped spook out Audrey's third grade class.  I made slime with the kids and recruited Grammy to help with the cookie decorating.  I am so grateful I get to help in the classroom but again, am glad it when it is over.  Hmm, I am starting to see a pattern here.  Small doses...tiny small doses...

On Halloween Night we invited our family and neighbors over for a potluck and Trick-or-Treating.  Justin moved the truck and some spooky kids jumped in the back. 
We didn't pick our neighbors but somehow ended up with some great families.  There is Wyatt and Wes and Ella and Cole.  They all ended the night dancing to Thriller in the dark on the lawn and it was super cute.

One of our neighbors, Rachel, brought over the Eyeballs (Chocolate Covered Donuts).  I was super impressed and they were really yummy.

Now we have enough candy until Easter.

Minus the Almond Joy's, which I quickly hid for late night snacking. 

Each year just gets better and better.  The girls are into everything and it makes my heart happy when they can enjoy all the little things I try and make special. 

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