Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Twenty 12

We rang in the New Year in Flagstaff after a day of playing in the snow and swimming in the 'coozi.   I must say, it is pretty sweet just hanging out with my little family.  I would pick these guys over anybody else, any day.

Oh the RESOLUTIONS!!  On December 30th I had a list a mile long of things I wanted to accomplish, change and embrace in this New Year.  I am a girl who loves a goal. But wouldn't you know it?  On January 1st I couldn't remember a single one? 

For Christmas I got a Piano (well a 61-key keyboard).  I used to play when I was younger and I have visions of learning again and just sitting down and making beautiful sound come out. 

Except for I am really not sure, when exactly, I am supposed to accomplish this moment?  It feels weird to just drop the girls off at school, come home, drop my purse and start hammering the keys.  Do I wait until 11am after I finish that load of laundry and the house is really quiet?  I can't do it when everyone is here running up and down the stairs asking me if they can eat another string cheese. I have considered playing at night and turning the volume down really low... But anyways, for now, it sits, staring at me like a dare.

So onto Twenty-12.  The year is in full swing.  Back into Dance Classes and memorizing Multiplication facts (Audrey not me), saving money and menu planning.  Maybe I will write a little more this year.  You know, like I used to. 

I liked that.  It was good for me. 

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