Tuesday, June 5, 2012

And... She's 6!

Carissa Grace is 6!

First let's just start off by pointing out that not only did you GRADUATE KINDERGARTEN!  You graduated Kindergarten on your Birthday - May 25th.  How cool is that?

We planned the best Rainbow Pony Party.  Nice bold colors for my amazingly Bold Daughter.  You had 10 of your sweetest closest friends over and showered them all with your kindness.

We ordered this Pony Cake (must I be reminded every birthday that I can not accomplish this?!?)  I thought the cake was cute enough.  Impressed with sculpted pony...but I was soooo in awe when we cut into it. 

Notice the rainbow layers?  How cool is that?  It was such an awesome touch.

One thing that warmed my heart at this party was how seriously Carissa takes her friendships.  She was sure to watch out for each girl and make sure they were feeling part of the group.  She cares deeply.  She thinks about things and doesn't take much for granted.   

She reminds me often of what is really important.  

That, I think, is better than any gift she could have unwrapped.

Happy Birthday my sweet Carissa.

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