Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Food is what it's about

We called and said we were coming to Lake Havasu for the weekend to visit.  She texted and said we were having Chicken Noodle Soup.  For most people this wouldn't mean much.  But for us...Food is what it is all about.
When we arrived the house smelled so yummy.  The broth was nearing completion and the noodles needed to be made.  So we mixed the eggs with the flour and the girls kneaded and created the dough.  Grandpa brought out the equipment.

 Carissa helped stretch the dough as long as it would go. 

Then it was put back through to be cut into smaller strips. 

We improvised and made a drying rack with PVC pipe and wax paper.  All the while we are talking. 
 How easy is it now to just go and purchase a bag of noodles for $1.00 and toss them in a pot of boiling water?   That saves so much time.  But for what?  (I often wonder if the modern day conveniences have maybe given us more time but taken away more moments?)

  I have spent many years with my family around the kitchen counter.  If you ask anyone they would tell you this is where you will most likely find us if you stopped by. 

And if you did happen to knock on the door, rest assured, we would give you a drink and we would feed you. 
Because the Food is what it's all about.

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