Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A little bit wet.

Yes, I know, it rains in Washington.  But honestly, not usually THIS much and all at once.  This past September is has broke a record of the wettest September since they started tracking rain levels. 
Go Figure!
Life must still go on - just a little bit more soggy.  So soccer games are still played and I have to say the girls don't really seem to mind. 

 The spectators (at least Carissa and I) try to keep our spirits up.  The large umbrella is a must.  The rain jacket is essential and I just picked up some of the cutest rain boots, so that helps too. 

It hasn't been all wet though. Last Thursday it dried out just in time for a field trip to Jubilee Farms. I just can not stress enough how jealous I am of these people living off the land.  The strategic rows of crops.  Little neat squares of flowers and herbs.  It is like a living Excel Spreadsheet.   The hogs and chickens don't even seem gross. 

 Check out this carrot!!  It felt so good to dig in the dirt with this girl.  She is just so dang beautiful and I am so glad I am able to tag along still on fieldtrips.

Here is the farm house.  And the rows.  Isn't is just pretty?

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