Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Weekend

Happy Birthday to my Sweet Kissa!!

3 is big - I mean really BIG! Here is what happened on the big day according to Kissa:
We had "pupcakes" and blew to the candle and all da prezents and Chuckie Cheese was scary.

It was great fun had by all and even Audrey "got used to" someone else getting presents and not her. But she does wonder how Kissa went from 2 to 3? We are all growing up aren't we?

Besides Birthday fun I was able to finish my scrap quilt. I hand quilted it and it turned out so lovely. Perfect for that baby that we don't have anymore... The girls don't like it because it isn't pink ... ahhh I so remember when they couldn't give their opinions.

It is 4:00 here. I should be off the computer and getting dinner ready and clearing any evidence of the other two meals and 10 snacks we have had today.
All our love ~


lovemygirls said...

We can't wait to see you all. We will be bringing both girls presents because Isabelle said we can't mail Carissa's presents if we are going to drive there!
I am so excited!

Stacey said...

ahhh..little girls! so cute...congrats on the big 3!

Those quilts are awesome!