Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Quilting Away

My new dear friend let me rummage through her scrap box the other night and I was able to produce this table runner. As I was sewing it I was thinking of all the wonderful Mom's in my life that I could make it for. But I am so dang selfish because the minute I was done I "tried it out" on my end table and there she sits in her new permanent home. ~Lovely~

I am a scrap addict and just can't stand having fabric pile up from old projects that can't be used for something else. It is raining out today and I have nothing better than to sew these cute little stacks into something or other. It is all I can think about ~ I dream quilts...weird, huh?


lovemygirls said...

Oddly enough we are looking for a new quilt for our bed during the summer when our comforter is too heavy....hmmm

Liz said...

Well, if I start a king size quilt now I might have it done in time for Isabelle's high school graduation. I will think on it :)