Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas is a little nuts.

Let's face it people...Christmas is a little nuts. I mean, who doesn't go a little crazy trying to make it be everything they "think" it should be? Running to the store for just one more thing. Making that last batch of cookies even though you would rather eat a bowl of lettuce leaves. Discussing when, where, and how the gifts will be exchanged. Balancing the checkbook, crying, and realizing you forgot to get your father-in-law something. Nuts.. Nuts.

So we try and find those moments where we can say that this IS what Christmas means. Here are a few of mine this year:

My Saint-in-Law decided to adopt two group homes that house 14 children in them. She dreamed up a glorious Christmas morning for them and went out and recruited friends, families, churches, teachers, and neighbors to make it happen. Then she invited everyone over to her house to wrap (Check out these amazing ladies below!). She fed these people, entertained their kids, and give the husbands beer and a football game in exchange for help.

We didn't deserve it - Your are amazing Sister!!
Then there are these crazy people called MOMS that live in a city near you. They wipe snot and listen to kids cry. They change diapers and read. They give baths and rub backs. They also coordinate sing-a-longs at Senior Centers and bring - wait for it - homemade SUGAR FREE cookies for the audience! They are the Christmas Givers.

And lastly we come to these which are my own. I hope they were watching. I hope they know.

That even if all the Christmas Cards you send out come directly right back to you because you did not adhere the labels properly and now you have know idea who got a card and who didn't... there are small Christmas miracles happening everyday.
That, yes, Christmas is nuts. But if you look really close it is spectacular.
P.S. If you did not receive a card from me, and would like one, kindly tell me. Or, just know, that I really was thinking of you this holiday season and I will try again next year.

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