Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Not Early Enough

I have spent the last year of my life in Washington being led into my day with anticipation of the newness it would bring. Most mornings I was able to wake up, at least with, the rising sun and we would great the day together. (Yes, there is sun in Washington!)

But, oh know, not here. In Arizona I wake up and am MOCKED by the gleaming sunlight in my window. "Duh, the day has started...without YOU! You are now behind in all you need to accomplish." It is almost as if the amazing brightness from the ball of inferno is shining directly onto only MY weary eyes. Highlighting the age I am and forcing me to feel it's heaviness. If I could quote Carissa when the sun is shining into her eyes when we are driving " I hate the sun!".
So this is Christmas... (can you hear the song in your head?) for near and for dear ones...
The Junie B. Jones production at the Tempe Arts Center was wonderful. I can not go on enough about how happy I was to be able to take my daughter to this performance.
As we were looking for our seats I start to have a mini anxiety attack because apparently I booked two seat with an AISLE in between us. Good if you are going with someone you don't want to sit by but not so much with your 6-year old!! Thankfully the box office was kind enough to switch me and in exchange we received the 6th row back from the stage right in the center aisle! Check out our view!
Carissa spent the day with Daddy seeing "The Princess and the Frog". He doesn't take pictures and has no charming stories to add. I think she had a great time.
Just one more Christmas joy to post... Audrey received this special package yesturday from her first grade class in Washington.
It was filled with the school supplies she didn't take when she left. Her ID cards and an awesome card from the class. It showed little colored gingerbread cookies with the faces being each kid in the class. Probably on my top ten list of most thoughtful things I have seen in my life.
Sending a little prayer up for those first grade teachers :)

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Julie said...

That is so very sweet. I am sure they miss sweet Audrey so much!