Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It is Spring...

Mission Beach - where we got to first meet our newest family member - Aida Olivia.
Carissa was super "helpful" with her new cousin. Wanting to show her many things and even share her Cheese-It's.
Faces were painted at Seaport Village - my sweet butterfly girl.
Lover of the waves - such a free-spirit. (Don't ever let me harness that!!)

In awe of the beautiful tree but also of the brave girl who would run yards away - only to quickly run back. (You can always come home)

There was relaxing all around. Smiling - Laughing - Togetherness

~Fleeting are the moments but the memories will stay in my heart forever~
P.S. Grandpa is doing amazing - getting stronger and healing every day.

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Julie said...

So glad to hear Grandpa is doing better! Looks like a lovely vacay :)