Sunday, March 7, 2010

Updates and Thank You's...

I just smile right out loud when I see all the wonderful comments you have sent me. I am so honored to be thought of by so many warm, caring friends. Thank you -Thank you!

We have been so busy and it has been more of the emotional busy. Which is very tiring. I took this pictures of the girls Friday morning. Some how they both ended up in our bed and I had a hard time waking them up. They were sleeping in each other's warmth and who would want to stir this peaceful bliss?

Weirdly, I did manage to make this quick table mat for my mom. It came together really fast and I "quilted" it on my machine using the "Stitch in the Ditch" method and some free-handed loops in the corners all the while dreaming of what I would do if I had a real machine that quilted...

While holding my grandpa's hand last Thursday he told me "where I am, is where I am supposed to be". As I type these words I am still just in awe. To be 82 and have your whole life slammed to a stop with absolutely no control (he says's he is tethered...) and to have such amazing trust and faith.
It is something to aspire to.

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