Wednesday, July 7, 2010

7 and Full of Life


Are you serious? Seven!! Really?? I love this picture. Your eyes are shining and I can see just what you are - the most caring, loving, sensitive sister and daughter. As with all the years you have had, I just wish I can keep memorizing everything about you. I relish in the minutes I just take time to talk with you. You are so animated and have so many thoughts. You have showed us how laid back things can be - a new perspective - you are adding your very own element to our family and it is amazing.
There is a whole new sense of determination about you now and your talents are endless. A year ago you would never be able to finish a stitch. But now you pushed and pushed until your whole project was completed.
You choose a Bowling Bash for your Birthday and helped me make the cake. It was supposed to look completely different (I swear it looks easy on those family websites) but you helped shape it into your own. It turned out fabulous, of course. Just like when I turned my new white tank top pink... you said it just added some *zing*.
Second grade will be great. You will make so many new friends and learn so much more. I hope to continue to encourage you to learn your guitar, write your songs, and sing whenever your heart needs to.
Happy Birthday our sweet girl - Love Mommy and Daddy.

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