Wednesday, August 4, 2010

August is my New Year

I am totally motivated lately and I really think it is because back-to-school time is more like my New Year. January just really stinks to start fresh. What better time to get re-organized then when all the coolest office supplies are on sale? When all the fruit and veggies taste great and there is still time a little daylight to take a walk after dinner?

Carissa had her first day of Preschool yesterday and even though she talked like a baby for the whole tour (talk about embarrassing...) she was like an amazingly BIG 4 year-old the morning of. Confident and ever-so proud!!

It was not a sad moment, that is for sure, and we both greatly need the space to grow. I am super excited for the things she will learn this year. She is so ready. Just ask her... she'll tell you.

In preparation for all the wonderful school projects I will be receiving I had Justin screw two pieces of 4' molding on my wall and I used the best glue in the world (E6000) to hold on the bulldog clips. Me and my bare fridge are happy :)
Here's to the New Year ;)

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Michelle Beaulieu-Hancock said...

I stinking love this idea! You are SOOO right! I can barely remember if my fridge is black or white with all the pictures of people and pictures the kids have drawn over the summer covering it! Gonna have to do this in our next house for sure! Thanks for the idea!