Monday, August 16, 2010

Raise you up

I am sort of glad I waited to write this post. Instead of taking the picture, waving her off, then blogging about it, I have been able to fully swallow the fact that I have a second grader. I have had time to watch her get ready in the morning, only to ask me if her hair looks OK. Time to realize I didn't have to remind her to get her back-pack or tie her shoes. Time to notice she can get off the bus on her own and walk to our front door without me.
Time to let it sink in that I only have just this one chance to do this right. And what is raising a child anyways but to show them how high they can go? What they can do. Who they can be. It is amazing to watch her soar but still so wonderfully sweet when she comes back to my arms for rest. I love you my second grader...

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