Friday, June 10, 2011

Too much social media!!

Wow - I am really lagging on this blog posting thing!! The truth is I just can't keep up. Between Facebook and texting and blogging I just can't choose. There are pictures on my camera phone and pictures on my camera. I can post a picture here but can't get if off there. Too many updates and status changes and posts. There is digital scrapbooking vs blogging and it is just getting to be too much!!

I want to do what will matter most. I want to preserve memories but not be so caught up in tracking the memories I am not making any. The girls just had a Dance Recital and they did excellent. Audrey was in a Hip Hop number and she was straight gangsta' the whole day. Carissa did a tap routine to the Pinocchio song "Got No Strings".

The minute my child started to dance I attempted to film. Ha! Who can do that? I gave up in about 3 seconds because I was missing it!! I opted for the live show once instead of the playback forever.

Maybe I will look back in fifteen years and wish I did a better job of documenting each moment. **I really do want to tell them the whole story and not miss a detail.** But I am realizing I can only do so much. Some events will just have to be left up to the storytellers memory...

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