Friday, September 23, 2011

Now that I am 34

... I know they say age is just a number but I would have to disagree.  

Age is a milestone and a journey.  It is a story and a path. 

When I was 14 it wasn't just a number; it was my second year of being in the "teens".  It was working for the first time and having a little independence.  It was learning how to have and be a really good friend.  It was walking around the mall without my mom.  It was church summer camp and learning God was there.

When I was 24 it wasn't just a number.  It was putting on my wedding dress and walking down the aisle.  It was becoming a wife and learning how to love a man unconditionally.  It was paying my bills on time and buying enough groceries for the week.  

Now that I am 34 I can say for sure, age is not just a number.  My convictions are stronger and my expectations are higher.  I know what I am good at and what I am not.  I know what makes my heart ache and what brings me pure joy. 

I am happy to have been 14 and 24 and I am grateful for my journey and the choices and chances I have received along the way.  I am proud to be mom and a wife.  I am glad to be 34.  ~

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