Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I'd do it all again!

In just 6 short days school will start. 
1st Grade
4th Grade
Alarm Clock = 6:15a.m.!!

But in 9 short weeks we:
Wished a 6-year old Happy Birthday
Swam in Huntington Beach
Made a sandcastle at Newport Beach
Cheered at swim meets
Went to summer movies
Met our new Cousin, Landon
Got our nails done at the Nail Salon
Visited Lake Havasu
Made s'mores with cousins
Survived a sleepover with 7(!) 9 year-olds
Bowled with neighbors
Read lots of books
Ate lots of Ice Cream
Had a water balloon fight
Watched Mckenna - American Girl Movie 40 times
Grilled some yummy food
Drank some yummy drinks
Got to sleep in
Went to a Diamondbacks Game
Watch the opening ceremony of the 2012 Summer Olympics
and soaked up some Hot summer rays.

Ahhhh.  Summer.

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