Monday, July 16, 2012

Miss Audrey is 9

Dear Audrey,

I can see that this is going to be the start of an awesome year.  First off I finally let you have that sleepover you were dreaming of.   Since it is July and smoking hot in Arizona we have never really been able to have your party outside.  But with a homemade slip n' slide and lots of cold drinks we made it happen. 

 You have some of the nicest friends.  They all got along really well.  Good friends are the best!
 It was really nice of you to include you cousin and little sister.  They LOVED being part of your party!
 The decorations were so cute!  We decorated the table like a bed (of course, Pintrest inspired!)
What's a sleepover without a Sleepover Cake?  We were inspired by the Family Fun site.  Since I can not decorate you did everything but make the cake.  I think you did such an amazing job. 

 We goofed off and played games until I just honestly couldn't take it anymore.  Then everybody settled in for your favorite movie, Soul Surfer.  I thought that would be a great way to induce sleep...
 Whoa, was I wrong.  It was around 3:30am when I finally started threatening lives that I think you feel asleep.  Guess who could wake up on the morning?  I made everybody scream/sing Happy Birthday and you were so not happy about that!

The party was a great success.  The sleepover Hang-over ... not so much!    Happy Birthday my little 9 year old!!  Fourth grade is going to be a blast!

Love, Mom

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