Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fall is Forced!

Around here it is still mighty HOT outside.  Unless you are one of those crazy Arizonans who love it when the temp is 102 degrees.  The girls rushed in Friday and begged Justin to get the Halloween Box down.  (I might have begged a little too...)  We are forcing Fall around here! I would give anything to be able to throw all the windows open and put on a pot of chili - SOON...soon!
My favorite part of our decorating so far is the top of my black hutch.  Here is what I did:
  •  Embellished my burlap wreath with a little pendant -  perfect touch. 
  • Wrapped some scrapbook paper around my candle - (taped on the back!)
  • Printed the word Boo on Orange Card stock and put in black frame.
  • Dollar store pumpkin was a hideous orange so I painted over it with glitter and made the stem black. 
  • The owls were a special find this year in Heber, AZ at an antique store.

 It makes me happy!

It wouldn't be Fall without Soccer!!  Audrey had her first game (they won 2-1!!)  Here face was red for about 3 hours after. Thank you to the lifesaver who brought the E-Z UP. 

Although it is not summer, and Lemonade Stands scream Summer, I let the girls have a stand on Sunday.  Pink Lemonade and Snickerdoodles were on the menu.  ( I was dying to make this recipe from Junk in the Trunk anyways - so YUMMY!)
The girls had to make a list of all the ingredients and we went shopping.  Supplies were fronted from Mom who had to be reimbursed. I was so impressed by my little entreprenurs. They managed to keep the stand open for 3 hours and they made $27 (after paying me back, of course!)
Confession:  It took all I had not to take over!!  At one point they even had to say to me "we got this Mom!".  Guess they did - so humbled!
On the Menu this week: Chicken Noodle Soup
Fall People - we are Forcing Fall!!

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