Thursday, September 27, 2012


Pictured below is the completed Book Report Project my daughter finished last night. 
Yes it is darling.  Yes it deserves an A.  Yes it took ALL I had not to become UNGLUED over it! 
 Thankfully I reading an awesome book by Lysa Terkeurst called Unglued ~ Making wise choices in the midst of Raw Emotions.    I am part of an Online Bible Study (Hi - if your visiting!!) which is helping to give me constant reminders not to LOSE IT.
Don't lose it if your child waits 28 days to complete a project at the last minute running around looking for a marker at 8:30pm. 
Don't lose if it makes you late the next morning and you are heading off to school with said project WITHOUT your shoes even on!!

But it is allright because as Lysa so gracefully points out in her book "God gave me emotions so I could experience life, not destroy it."

So instead of becoming unglued this morning I choose to smile (I choose "imperfect progress") and I reminded myself that next month has another 30 days in it.  In October we can get it right!

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Sparkys Girl said...

Oh I remember those days! Your post made me smile. You took a baby step in the right direction with your response to your daughter's project (procrastination and all), Sister! KUDOS to YOU! And you're right ... we start afresh on Monday with a new month and thirty new days to work towards Imperfect Progress!