Thursday, July 25, 2013

Double Digits!!


The Big 1-0!!  I started writing letters to you when you turned six and can't believe it has already been 4 years.  I am so incredibly blessed to be your Mom! 

We had a hard time deciding on a birthday party idea until I saw this post on the 36th Avenue blog about an Art Birthday.  You are a natural artist and I knew you would just love it. 

It took us a while be we decided on the cupcake design from the Social Artworking website and then we found the matching decorations at Party City - Score!

You love to decorate and made this awesome sign with your sister.  You are a natural born party planner!!

Not to mention a natural born beauty!!

The girls arrived and we got to work.  I gave everyone the same colors and decorations but it was amazing to see how each masterpiece came to life a little bit differently. 

I loved listening in to the conversations too - the laughing and gabbing was so sweet!

You have always created without abandon.  You can turn an ordinary thing into something beautiful.  It is a gift you have and I hope you can always use it. 
 I think this was one of the best Birthday Parties you have ever had (not just because you little sister was away)!!

Did you know that the friendships you are making now could last forever?  I love this picture of you and Bay!

I always love that you are so close to your Daddy.  There is nothing that will replace him in your life - He is so proud of you too!!

So, happy 10th birthday my Little Bean.   Never stop spinning and singing and dancing! 
 Love, Mom

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