Thursday, July 25, 2013

Why you ask?

I am working my way back through June and July.  A lot has happened in just two short months.  Mainly the HUGE decision to move back to the Damp part of the country - Washington. 

Why, most people ask? 
  • Did Justin get a job transfer?
  • Is your family there?
  • Do you know ANYONE there?
  • Can't stand the heat?
  • Did you know it rains a lot there?
  • How can you stand the gray!!
Mostly, I just shrug my shoulders and say we like it there.  Maybe that is a weird reason to move but it true.   But, then due to the constant questioning I started to doubt myself.  Was I totally sure it was the right move?  So at the end of June (with our house already on the market) we took a trip there. 

The girls were super- troopers getting up at 4:30 in the morning for our early flight.   I think they are a little delusional here!

Clue #1 this was a good idea: Mt. Rainer out our window.  It is just a breathtaking sight.  How can you not believe in something bigger when you see this mountain?

Clue #2 this was a good idea: Four-seater bike ride on Alki Beach.  Perfect summer weather and knowing that all this glorious water is so close!

Clue #3 this was a good idea: Again.. AHHHmazing view but not just that.  The energy of the city is contagious.  You just want to be part of it and DO something. 

Clue #4 this was a good idea:  Threw this one in for the Girls.  It counts on their list - and lets face it, they need to be happy too!

Clue #5 this was a good idea:  Look at this man!  He is in heaven on earth.  I can not (and I won't) deny him that if I can help it.  I know he would do the same for me.  It's love in its simplest form and it's the best feeling ever.

 Clue #6 that this was a good idea:  Laying on a blanket on the 4th of July with sweatshirts is my kind of good.  I like wearing jeans and closed toed shoes and seeing big enormous trees.  I like the green.

So, no I guess there still isn't a REAL reason but sometimes in life you just have to put on the jumpsuit and go for it!  Hopefully - it sticks!

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