Tuesday, November 5, 2013

12 Glorious Years

Leaves are dropping so fast here but I had to look past the Autumn Beauty and think Spring.  We purchased 50 bulbs from Costco and moved around the soil to bring good stuff to to the top.
Justin dug the holes and I placed each bulb in its one little winter hole.  Row after row I imagined how great it is going to look in April when all 50 pop up.  A little slice of heaven.
How sad I would have been if we wouldn't have planted them!  I think of our last 12 years together (mentally calculating that I have been married exactly 1/3 of my life!), but I think, what if?

What if we wouldn't have taken the time to bring all the good stuff to the top? I marvel at all the little things we have talked about and planned and how now we are starting to see the beauty in bloom!!
I am married to my best friend and I am so lucky.  He is generous and caring and loving and so gorgeous. 

I learn more about him all the time and feel like God hand-picked us for each other.  What will our next season bring?

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