Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Thanksgiving on the Coast

Lucky, Lucky Us! 
We got to visit Nick and Megan and Aida, and Anderson, and Greyson in Lincoln City, OR for Thanksgiving.  Can I just tell you that the house just stares at the ocean?  You can be in the kitchen.. Ocean.  You can be walking down the stairs...Ocean.  You can be taking out the trash...Ocean. 
Here we are on Day 1:
It's really easy with Anderson.  You just grab a stick and go.  He rocked his red skinny jeans on the beach and we played and played.
 Carissa was adamant she "hated" the beach. Then we walked down and she ran and chased Aida.
You wouldn't know it after 20 seconds.  The love was back.
Dad + Carissa
(Check out the background waves!  I did not photoshop that in!)
Where was Audrey?  In the water, of course!  On Thanksgiving, on the Oregon Coast, my daughter swam in the Pacific Ocean. 
This is what happened after the Turkey, and the running, and the swimming. 

Here we are on Day 2:
Back on the Beach in Linoln City at Devil's Punch Bowl.

We climbed and explored.  It was a little slippery and Audrey was grossed out by the tidepools.  She was even more surprised when I told her it was the ocean floor she was standing on yesterday.  Ignorance just might be bliss!

Here we are Day 3:
Couldn't get enough of the beach.  This time searching for hidden blown glass along the coastline.  Greyson almost smiled for me!
 It was a great November and we achieved some great successes with Justin's work.  We are firmly finding a home here in the Pacific Northwest and it feels great.  Audrey had some stomach issues resolved and I got some new clients.  We are so thankful and blessed.
Looking forward to our next adventure with this crew!!

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