Wednesday, February 17, 2010

There are some days I can deal with most anything that is thrown my way. I sing along in the car. I have a cherry voice. You would like to be near me. Yesterday was one of those days!

Sick Kid/Dance Recital/No Gas/Short Amount of time. No problem:
7:45 am -Find doctor's number
8:00 am -Wait on hold for 25 minutes
8:25 am -Explain issue
8: 30am -Hold breathe and pray for next available appointment time (10:30)
8:40 am -Get everyone ready (skip shower-no time) must go to dance recital first.
8:52 am -Get in car and realize I have no gas - pray again we make it to first stop, as we are late.
9:05 am - Watch performance, clap, cheer, and hug
9:48 am - Race out of there - get gas
10:33 am - Arrive at doctors, act like I don't know I am late, fill out forms, wait
10:52 am -Talk to Doctor, hold down child while throat is swabbed
11:24 am -Leave Doctors - Head to McDonald's (it is a must, right?)
11:58 am - Turn in prescription which will be be ready in TWO hours.
12:16 am - Return home.
All in a mornings work. Easy-peasy... :/

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Julie said...

Supermom! I'd love to be nearer to you. When are you coming back?????