Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursdays with Grandpa

One of my biggest blog fans was my Grandpa. He has always called me Buzzer (guess that is how I used to pronounce my name when I was little) and would tell me to "keep the stories coming." Tomorrow he can not wake up to see what my latest thought was because he is really sick with tubes and bags and drips and tape and machines attached to his body.

His hospital is near my home now and for that I am so grateful, although sad for who he is not near. I am able to visit, to wait for his eyes to open, to listen to his ramblings. Some coherant, some not, but it is all the same to me. Because he is here. Because I can hear him. Because he must get better.

So I will start now, writing every Thursday, to let you know, or at least remind myself, that everyday is a new day. And hopefully one day he will read my blog again.


lisa nelson said...

hugs, Liz. Lots of hugs.

Kristie said...

You all are in my prayers!

lovemygirls said...

Praying for the day your grandpa can read your blog again!

Julie said...

Thinking of you both xoxox