Monday, May 10, 2010

I am so spoiled

Audge went all out this Mother's Day and treated me like a Queen! I was invited to her classroom for a Mother's Day Spa Treatment. We received Cucumber Water (yummy), chocoloate covered strawberries, and mini muffins. Then we were told to sit back and relax as the first-graders rubbed our backs, put lotion on our legs and hands, and even painted our toes!

My sweet girl took this job very seriously! There wasn't even a single moment were she stopped being an attentive daughter. I was touched to tears and so proud that I am raising such a caring, compassionate person.

We also received some awesome news that Audge's First Grade Teacher is moving up to Second Grade and she is able to be in her class next year. Just when the guilt is about to overflow from the move and the all the transition, it seems like suddenly we are being carried through some really calm times.

The Lord's Grace is amazing!!
P.S. Check out the flip flops in the photo ~ handmade by my girl!

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Julie said...

What a cute idea! you both look so happy.