Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekend Flurry

It is now officially summer vacation in our home. It is the time in our year where the girls and I get to plan a bunch of fun things and Dad gets to join in if he is lucky. This weekend one of his many jobs was to install ceiling fans. We purchased this "Five Minute Fan" with the hopes that, well, it would be a quick install... He didn't think it it was funny that I wanted to time the process, which started at 11:41 am.
He also didn't think it was funny when we completed the fan at 1:58 pm. Exactly 2 hours later.

Since we lost so much time on that project I am pleased to say the joining a food Co-op proved to be a success. Check out all this food I received at the first pick-up for just $15!!

So now I am off to figure out how to use my coconut this week... I am thinking homemade Almond Joys... HA Just kidding.

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Anonymous said...

Summer vacation!! Tell A. that Stephanie is in school for about another month. :)

Your food co-op looks awesome! Ours is $40 a week and we are not getting as much as you.

Miss you all!