Friday, November 19, 2010

Daddy's Birthday

Yikes we are getting up there - 33!! The girls don't miss a chance to remind us that we "lived in the olden days" or that we are getting wrinkles. Even though I still think I have a chance at passing for a young, cool, hip girl they put me right back in my place. Reality check - I am a mom and no matter how bad I don't want to wear "mom" jeans, say those uncool comments, or have that tired worn out look - I know I do. It happened to me. I guess as parents, we have arrived.

It was Justin's birthday yesterday and the girls were so excited. They both picked out gifts for him (CD, boy magazine, and a lantern). We decorated the kitchen and made brownies. They wrapped the gifts and fought over whose present he would open first. Chaos at it's best...

They are so in tuned to what he likes I think it is just a testament to how much they adore him. I remember when they were babies crying in my arms and he would swoop them up and instantly the crying would stop. He would put them up high on his broad shoulders and do that little bounce-pat thing. Ohh, the jealousy would eat me up. But now, just picturing it brings tears to my eyes. Right then and there he was a creating a bond with them and it gets stronger every year.

Here's to being 33 love. Happy Birthday!

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