Monday, April 25, 2011

To the Extreme

April has been a complete month of Extremes. First off, we started off with snow! Not at our house but a short 2 hours away to visit Aunt Sherrie and Uncle David in Bagdad, AZ. The site of snow on cacti should have been my first gentle reminder that God is at work in all things.
A snow creature was built - not quite to the standards of our Washington Sally but we loved her with all we had!

Instead of worrying about having the right shoes, coats, and snow attire the girls dug right in with what we could pull together that morning. I have to say I was so happy with that. Maybe they appreciated the fact that the snow was fleeting and if they didn't take advantage of it - it would soon be gone?

And gone it was!! The following week was in the 90's and spring had officially sprung! Our family (ahem... the adult portion) has a hard time dealing with this transition. We tend to fight the impending heat with all we have. Forgetting that it is larger than us. Forgetting that we still have not been promoted to being in charge.

So I have decided to start taking the lead from little ones. Pushing ahead at full speed. Seeking out what might be hiding in the cracks.

This month I am learning from them. Audrey is trying out for a talent show at school because, "my dream is to sing in front of millions of people!". Her confidence and courage astound me! Carissa has a horrible infection in her foot and has been taking her glue-like medicine like a pro. "It helps if you just plug your nose!". It really just doesn't surprise me anymore that this Easter I have been humbled once again. I have been placed back in front of the cross. And it is a glorious, safe, and peaceful place to be!

Happy Easter!

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