Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Weekend at White Spar

It is easily forgotten but we have a travel trailer that we pay for every month but doesn't get nearly enough use. Last weekend I was bent on making sure we went somewhere in the trailer. Typical of us, we didn't decide where we were going until about 2:30 Friday, so I threw a few things together and convinced Justin we didn't even need to bring the trailer to our house - we had everything we needed... Let's just load up and go...

The girls didn't seem to notice but we forgot TONS! First off we left without any water in our tanks assuming we could get some up in Prescott. After driving around until 9:00 at night (not fun) we gave up and pulled into the last camp spot available with no water. In the dark. Backing in... ugh!
First thing in the morning the girls got right to work building fairy houses. They collected treasurers and climbed and built.

They laughed and dug in the dirt. They found sticks that were magical and rocks with a story.

While I spent Saturday night in the trailer with a sinus infection Audrey braved the cold night air wearing Dad's jacket because I forgot to pack hers. I don't think she noticed as she had made a great new best friend at the campsite right next door.

We woke up to a morning with no spoons for cereal but a visit from the tooth fairy instead. A good S'more will loosen a tooth right up!

We ended the weekend learning that being spontaneous doesn't always equal relaxing and fun. A couple extra minutes to plan out our trip would have probably saved us a few hours of heartache.

Happy to report - the girls noticed nothing and we have made yet another camping memory :)


Kristie said...

Well, good for you for trying to be spontaneous! Maybe you should put together a list that you can grab of necessary items for a weekend trip. Then you won't have to think so hard about all the details, like spoons...miss you guys, wish we were there to be spontaneous with you!

Liz said...

LOL! I already make the list and was even considering getting it laminated!! Too scary...