Monday, May 23, 2011

Talent Show

When Audrey came to me and said she wanted to sing in the talent show, in front of the whole school, without any music, to her made up version of a song... well, I felt like I had to protect her somehow. From what? Now, I am not so sure.

As a Mom I just don't want her to ever feel failure or embarrassment. I don't want her to suffer or have her heart ache. But I realize now that is just silly; that my hardest moments have created a stronger me. So I stopped discouraging her. I let go and let her try out at the audition. When she got the notice that she had made the Talent Show I listened to her sing the song 1,000 different times 1,000 different ways. I took her to buy a cute new shirt and I did her hair in the morning. I watched her little self sit and wait until the second to the last act. And after one whole hour and 15 agonizing minutes she finally performed... and she was beautiful and she was amazing.

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Kristie said...

She was amazing! Thanks for sharing!