Monday, February 13, 2012

Super Bowl XLVI

Probably being a Dad of 2 girls your would think your chances of getting to enjoy a Football Game would start to diminish.  But think again. 

Football happens to be a great time for:

1 - Wearing Cute Clothing.  There are shirts designed just for the event and you better believe we each had one (some with coordinating hair accessories).

 2- Dressing up your American Girl doll.  There is no better reason to create a customized tee for your sweet doll and have her wear her sneakers that have been hiding in the back of the closet for so long.
 3 - Party, party, party.  Every girl loves a good party and especially one with a THEME!  Banners were sewn, napkins and plates matched and the food was delicious.

4 - Cheering. You will never find better cheerleaders for you team then the girls in your life.  We wanted to the Giants to win so bad.  We talked trash and cheered louder then all of NY... just for you.

All in all, I would say if you were a Dad of girls, you are the lucky one.  Your love of Football just moved to a whole 'nother level!! 

Way to go Giants.

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