Monday, February 13, 2012

Tortilla Flats

Arizona is 100 years old which makes me have the nagging feeling to teach my girls a little Arizona history.  The Grand Canyon was out because that place just gives me major anxiety thinking about it, so this weekend we choose the Superstition Mountains and headed out to the Apache Trail.

Our first stop was a restaurant called Tortilla Flats.  It is known for the dollar bills it has on the wall.   Legend has it that the Gold Miners used to put dollar bills on the wall when they ordered a drink and they just never took them down.  There are bills from all over the world everywhere.  The food was great and the beer (Superstition Mule Oil) tasted mighty fine. 

It was really hard for some people to resist touching EVERY dollar bill that was at their eye level.  But I guess that is what you would expect. 
Our lunch conversation consisted mostly of explaining what theft, stealing, and jail meant.

We finished the day visiting the Ghost Town on the Apache Trail.  We ate ice cream with homemade waffle cones that were still warm - so yummy!  We sat in the corner and covered our ears for the gun fight.  We were 15 minutes late for the gold mining.  The train ride looked fun but they only took cash - we had none.  The Bordelo was off-limits for obvious reasons but I was able to take this really cute picture and make it look like it was the olden days so all was not lost!
We had one of those really great weekends that make my heart happy!

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