Thursday, May 23, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

I always feel silly making grand proclamations.  I tend to shy away from saying "I always" or "I will never".  Because someday I just might and I have felt what it tastes like to take those words back.  I am not a very definitive person and don't really take hard stances on much.  I try to see both sides.  I like to say I am reasonable. But the more Mothering I have been doing (all whooping 9 years of it) I can say a few things with utmost certainty. 
I will do ANYTHING to protect my girls.
Knowing they are NEAR me brings me joy.
I will NEVER stop loving them. 
They are my WORLD.
I want so much for them.  I like that they do well in school and they are kind.  I love that they care for each other and each one of our family members.  I know they are good at dance, and singing, and piano, and sports, and reading...I AM SO PROUD OF THEM.
I was spoiled this Mother's Day.  My girls took the time to really show me how much they love me and it was so special. 

I am the luckiest Mom.

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