Monday, May 13, 2013

Teacher Door Decorating

Last week was Teacher Appreciation Week.  I try really hard to get to know the girls teachers and let them know that I am so grateful for the time they spend with my girls almost daily.  If you really stop to think about it these teachers are with your child for 7 hours a day.  Guiding them, directing them, and caring for them.  I believe it is so important that we provide teachers with the support they need.  They are helping raise our children too! 
Enough of my soapbox!!  Without my Silhouette Cameo I would NEVER have been able to make these doors.  Here is what another mom and I did for the 4th Grade Door.  The idea is all over Pinterest.  We just added a bowl at the bottom and pictures of the kids with saying about the teachers on each of the "Reese's Pieces".  The hardest thing was figuring out the font for the Reese's lettering - so if you are looking for it is called Wild ride

My second door was for the 1st grade teacher.  I used multiple colors of tissue paper cut in circles.  I twisted the circles and then clipped it with a clothespin in the center to form the wings.  I stamped each child's name on the clothespins.  Really simple!

The last insane thing I did was make a book of 100 reasons we love the teacher.  Between each reason was a $1 bill.  I got this amazingly cute idea from the site Everything Pink.   The gal makes it look rather painless.  Apparently her bank is nice to her and will give her FLAT dollar bills. * Also, they may count the money in front of you so when you get home and decide to do the project 5 days later you don't realize you only have $81 dollars instead of $100!!*
I must say this gift brings TEARS to the eyes of the receiver so if that is the effect you are going for then... DO IT! Lastly, Office Max will gum the stack for about $1.55 so don't go and buy the glue. 

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