Sunday, August 21, 2011

Recover an Ironing Board

Here is how I recovered my Ironing Board:

  1. Selected my fabric. I needed two yards because of the length of my board and I choose a bright cheerful yellow so the task of ironing wouldn't seem so dull. My fabric was on the JoAnn's clearance rack for 2.50/yard.
  2. Selected my wine. I needed a nice crisp white wine because it is still 108 degrees at 7:00 p.m. here so I choose a Pinot Grigio by Kate and Cassie (mostly because I loved the label). The wine was purchased at Target for 8.99.
3. Take a look at your old ironing board cover and realize that might be the reason you never really took to ironing in the first place. Pour yourself a glass a wine and pull the cover off.

4. Grab your seam ripper and rip out the cord.
5. You should end up with a full piece of elastic cording and a "template" for your new cover. You might want to iron the old cover flat (if you are into that sort of thing). It makes it easier to trace.

6. Trace the old cover on the wrong side of your fabric. I used a fancy yellow Crayola marker. You might have a washable fabric pencil. First trace exactly around the whole cover. Then trace an outline of the cover about an inch out from the first line.

7. Cut your fabric using the outer line you traced.

8. Now is the tedious part so take a sip of your wine. You will use your iron (I know!) and fold the edge in a 1/4" first and iron flat. Then fold and pin so the fold is on the first line you drew. This will leave enough room to thread your elastic cord back in.

9. Go to your machine and stitch around the cover leaving a 2" or so gap to thread your cord through. Don't forget to back stitch at the start and finish.

10. Bring your wine and go sit in a comfy chair. Take apart your elastic cord from the little holder. (Very technical - I know.) Thread your cord through the casing and then reattach to the holder the same why you took it apart.

11. Fit your new cover back on your ironing board and hang in a pretty spot.

12. Finish your wine ;)

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Lisa said...

love that the instructions include when to drink the wine. How is Audrey's foot? I'm really, terribly, scared of scorpions.

Wendy said...

If anything could make me want to sew my own ironing board cover, it's your blog. I just love clever people with a sassy writing style.

Kelly said...

Who would have thought that a post about an ironing board could become my favorite of your posts? Great tutorial. Maybe the missing wine is why I never iron...